Twitter Contest Update: What exactly is book publicity?

Remember our recent Twitter Contest? Our first winner, David Smith, has been using our service recently, and gratefully included us in his newsletter, the Heritage Writer’s Guild. We included a newsletter snippet to show you what does, and to get writers like you interested in this monthly resource for authors!

We loved David Smith’s response to book publicity so much, that we extended the contest time. We decided to move our winner from a “serious” contestant’s definition to a “funny” one! With that said, our second contest winner for a free one-month premium membership with is fiction writer Carol White, whom we featured on the original post. Congratulations! Please use the contact form to get in touch and start your book marketing with us!

Naturally, we wante to include our personal YouDoPR definition of book publicity:

Book publicity is the use of the media — radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and online outlets — as a conduit to spread word of a book and author to the public or special interest market segments. In it’s purest form, it is a classic “you scratch their back, they scratch yours” arrangement. If a media contact (producer, editors, etc.) is presented with quality information and a good topic from a book, they will set up an interview or run a print story about the topic and your book will be “plugged”. In short — you give them story or interview ideas, they will reciprocate by providing a venue to promote your book.

Let us know what you think about book publicity in the comments!

PS: We have a great virtual event for writers coming up. Like poetry? Check it out!

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