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Promotion Extended to 9/17!

September 11, 2012




Thank you to everyone who participated in our #YDPoetry chat. We’re extending our midnight promo! Get an extra month with, on us!

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Twitter Contest: What exactly is Book Publicity?

August 20, 2012

Over the weekend, we decided to give away two premium memberships for free in a creative writing contest. Any time between Friday and Sunday (8/17-19), people in our social media circles just had to send a tweet @YouDoPR or post a comment on our Facebook thread on their definition of book publicity. Check out our results below to see our first and second place winners!


The various responses from Twitter and Facebook created some excellent starting points for discourse on the book publicity industry. While we were anticipating serious feedback, some of the definitions had us laughing in the office, with entries providing such surprisingly playful remarks.


While we loved all of our submissions, we were particularly impressed with David Smith’s succinct definition on book publicity. Congratulations on being our first-place winner in receiving a free 1-month premium membership from, David! To get started, please contact us on our website. David’s premium membership includes a monthly 100 media outlet list, 500 contact press release distribution, NetGalley showcase, social media visibility, and more! Are you curious on what he had to say about book publicity?


I bet you’re wondering who our second winner is? Keep tuned in and we’ll let you know soon! We want to thank everyone who participated in this conversation on book publicity. Since we received so many different perspectives, who really knows what book publicity is? CEO Dan Smith of recently bunked popular book publicity myths to enlighten those that are new to the book marketing industry. He has been in the industry for 15+ years and has written several articles on how to maximize your publicity as an author. Authors, publishing groups, and writer’s circles need publicity, so where do they get their start? You can sign up as a free member to see our articles, monthly newsletter, marketing tips, and more here.

Who do you think had the best definition in our twitter contest? Share your definition in the comments! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up winning a premium membership with YouDoPR!